ERP-Advanced version
(include Standard version)
Immense Cloud ERP-Advanced version, can provide suitable for
automotive parts industry, metal footwear industry, CNC machine
tool industry, rubber industry, footwear industry, food processing
industry, sports equipment and other manufacturing...
manufacturing, R & D department from the BOM Immense Cloud
ERP offer engineering-BOM, manufacturing-BOM, package-BOM,
optional-BOM, sales-BOM, customization orders to meet  demand.
Further inquiries from business history quotes,
MPS(marginal propensity to saving),
MRP(material requirements planning)
materials and workers to make demands, requisitioning,
procurement, inspection, inquiry, parity, bargaining, outsourcing,
IQC, PQC, FQC, OQC, batch number for warehouse management,
export marks infomation, financial department analysis
of receivables, the financial accounts for the principle cost.
Along with sustainability and growth fo your business.
Advanced version function:
1.Production scheduling/ planned production management.
2.Material requirement planning management.
3.BOM management.
4.Quality/ inspection control.
5.Standard/ actual cost management.
Part of the production management module menu: