ERP-Mobile Solution

Why we need mobile management?
1. We are now in a information-explosion generation. There are various of data come from internet, TV and advertisement. How can we handle that?
2. The world is changing fast. It force all the entrepreneur to follow up the trend, so that they can keep their company running.
3. In order to follow up the trend, owner of enterprise should also follow up the changing.
4. The challenge force the owner of enterprise who need to make decision quickly, and also need a real-time outcome from data analysis.
As the mentions above, Immense Cloud ERP is also well-prepared to be a strong partner with enterprise! We had been developed ERP system which was used by WEB framework since 2000. Because of our professional RD team, we can always face our customer's problems by an innovative attitude and creating value to our customers. 
Business owners use the smart phone's browser for instant query performance analysis reports
Business owners use the smartphone browser to use massive BSGPS-TPS function, grasp each order immediate production schedule
Business owners use the Tablet PC browser to use
「Immense cloud ERP」
Business owners use the Tablet PC browser to use ERP-TPS solutions to grasp the progress of each order immediate production
Business owners use smartphones to use cloud ERP electronic sign-off feature, so you are not in the company, in front of the computer,  business processes can be to maintain the normal.

Business owners what are you waiting for?

Do you want the company to keep up with globalization?

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