Our vision

The gobal to be the most famous enterprise in the world is being a leader
of Enterprise Resource Planning of Cloud Service, innovation and
satisfies the needs of business owners.
Mission :
Uphold to 「consultant」spiritual, Take care of others just like to take
care of yourself & Have a clear conscience. 
Core values:
1.We provide the most professional solutions.
2.We provide the most attentive value products.
3.We provide the most conscientious service.
4.We require strict all employees of continue to learning.
5.We require strict all employees to do the right things.
6.We require strict all employees to faced with problems can use with
the perspective of consultants.
We implement strictly 4th core values and requires high standards
of team members continue to learing.
We are trained employees two or three times per week, hope continue
to progress and can provide to customer a more professional service.
Headquarter located in Taichung never stop learning, even in the late
at night.